From Kenya, East Africa to Tranehøj, Denmark, thanks to Willi’s family and Tranehøj as a whole for accepting my application to become their au pair {2021-2023}.

Hi, I’m Evander Holyfiled Odhiambo, the only African au pair currently enjoying my stay here in Tranehøj. I was raised in a community from the lake region (Western Kenya) whereby the main economic activity was fishing and farming. All my life, I had always admired to live in a different community especially outside my country Kenya, but luckily, I got a chance to spend here in Tranehøj.

Generally, I enjoy every bit of my stay here in Tranehøj farm. Besides my au pair duties, I like to participate in activities carried out on the farm whereby I can proudly say that there are alot and lots of things I’ve learnt which I can apply in my everyday’s life in future.

Throughout my on-staying in Tranehøj, I’ve gained the spirit of hardwork, socializing, benefits of sharing, being together as one big family and importantly Time keeping.

Besides getting to learn and understand Danish language, Big thumps up to all Tranehøj family.